Monday, April 12, 2010

Amber Webster blog is good because she does it on time.
Jazmine Kings blog is good because she gets it done on time and puts here thoughts into it.
Mrs. Blogleys blog is good because she is the teacher.
Samantha Priebe's blog is a good blog because she takes part in every blogging challenge.
lavanders blog is good because he does it

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

we had to get a video for class because we were told to. this movie helps you out to know what happens in the book if you didn't read it. it will help you out to understand sometimes better if you aren't that good at reading. its an audio book so you can follow along with and pay attention better.

you can tell that the grass is getting greener when it starts to get warm and the rain starts.

i picked this image because you can tell that its not that sunny so it mostly means its cold out cause theres clouds out.

we went outside to experience whats happening in the season change. i took this image because i thought it was good on what is happening in the season change.